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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Table of nonsense

          (aka table of contents in respectable places)

Short Introduction

          It does what it says on the packaging aka nomen est omen

The Problem of Rong Bridge I

The problem of Rong Bridge II                                         The Problem of Rong Bridge III

          It’s a straightforward whodunit until Esther arrives. From then on, both the self proclaimed Sherlock Holmes and Azeu are lost. And then there are the last words of the dying man. Was he talking about reaching heaven or just about an eccentric bitch? Start scooping!

Jenny’s Ballad

          Azeu and Esther bump into Jenny, who claims to be just your average Transit Vigilante but probably she is much more than that. Or is she less?

The Intelligent Horse part I

The Intelligent Horse part II                              The Intelligent Horse part III

          The title isn’t misleading; it’s about a highly intelligent, though slightly frustrated horse that’s being chased by a whole town except Azeu, who chooses to pursue other subjects instead.

Toilet Humour

          A really short comic book story, Azeu ends up being the butt of a joke in the toilet.

Rotham sur Real: part I                                     Rotham sur Real: part II

          Just your average night stroll in Rotham:. Oh, you don’t know how that is? Here’s a little teaser:  “As I left the park, I was suddenly overtaken by the roaring twenties, still roaring with people madly dancing at 16 frames per second. It was a refreshing sight, and as such it finished too soon. I felt a great depression falling over me, so I hastily left the main street, turned into the adjacent Wall Street.” Did I reveal too much?

Don't cha

          This story is so short that by the time you'll read this you could easily read that too. Allright, just a litle teaser: " Did you know that cheetahs drink every 3-4 days? I used to be like that too, but since I've got this job I drink every day. "

  Around The World In 80 Moods - Part I*                  Around The World In 80 Moods - Part II*

  Around The World In 80 Moods - Part III*              Around The World In 80 Moods - Part IV*


        After an unwanted interview goes awry, Azeu is dragged halfway around the world by a socialite who goes on a quest to save everyone. Or is it just herself? There will be plenty of golden journalistic opportunities on the way for Azeu to blow.

          * Due to a lack of time and probably interest the number of moods may considerably differ.

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