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Monday, 21 December 2015

Rotham:'s who's who

Azeu Lost

This is me, Azeu Lost, the creator of this blog. I woke up one day on the outskirts of a small town with no recollection of who I was. This soon proved to be irrelevant, and I left that small town for Rotham sur Real: were I'm currently residing whilst working as a stumbling journalist for The Rotham: Times.


This is Esther, my soul mate and dearest friend. I would like to say that without her I'd be lost but I'm lost anyway. She's a secretary at a mammoth energy company and also has a strange passion involving gases.


We have bumped into Jenny one day on the subway where she was acting as a self appointed Transit Vigilante. She feels strongly about many things, moderation isn't one of them. Might have an interesting past.

Eileen Dubois

Eileen Dubois . The one and only. She was adamant that she should be the one to top this who's who but I'm selfish too. She's the richest and smartest and prettiest woman in Rotham:, not to mention her humbleness.

Elliot Leigh

He's your everyday playboy, absolutely in love with himself. At the moment he’s married to Eileen Dubois. His funding was dubious at first, but now it's clearly Dubois.

The editor

He is the editor of The Rotham: Times, thus he is my boss, and as it tends to happen with bosses he is a righteous... can't say that really, he might be reading this, though he doesn't read. And nobody reads this blog anyway.

Rotham sur Real:

Rotham sur Real: was founded on a rabbit shaped island on the river Real, close to the seashore. A lone Frenchwoman set up camp there 900 years ago, escaping an unwanted suitor. Soon she found herself surrounded by thousands of suitors, young and old, rich and poor, male and female for the island was a free spirit well ahead of its time. By the time her unwanted suitor tracked her down he found a fledgling community on the island living in the shadows of freshly built uninviting walls. Seeing that he can't breach the walls he tried starving them, but that didn't work. The islanders had plenty of water and fish to go around. With no other option he set out to wait a few hundred years for the gunpowder to be invented (or imported from China, whichever came first) so he can knock down the walls.  He sent for his soldiers’ wives though not for the mothers-in-law, yet they still showed up uninvited, and soon there was another bustling community living on the shores of the river. Years have passed when a distant cousin of the suitor grew tired of waiting for his loan to be paid back and decided to make amends on the battlefield. The suitor quickly surrounded himself with a set of walls and prepared for a long siege. Over the years other unhappy individuals showed up with armies trying to make amends but they all ended up calling in their families to make the ever growing siege more bearable. In a span of just 19 years there have been 9 separate concentric rings, with different warring parties all searching for their justice. Some of them were against everybody else, while others were forging alliances and before they knew it a multicultural town was born.  

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