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Friday, 25 December 2015


This is the most difficult post to write, so we'll make it short.

This is the part when we become really annoying and try to appeal to your kind heart. I mean we are writing this on Christmas Day.
We would like to ask you to help us in any way you can or see fit.
The easiest way would be to share this with your friends or enemies (if you really hated this).
You can also support us on Patreon (this link takes you to our Patreon page).
Or, if you want to read our almost awesome comic books at a more frequent rate you can purchase it from Amazon, that way we could cut down on the time we spend at our workplaces and
concentrate on our stories. (because we can't chip away on the sleep anymore, 6 hours is barely enough)

The ebook on Amazon is in *mobi format and can be read on any device, Android, iPhone, Kindle or PC.

(This link takes you to the Amazon webpage)

That being said, the aim of this blog is to entertain, not to make money. That's why all the content is available for free.

Strictly for a life les misérables, erm, I mean, less miserable.

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